BallZOut: Now on appbackr!

So no doubt you remember ten days ago our Ludum Dare October Challenge entry BallZOut went live, and that was rather satisfying and everyone has been very complimentary thank you, but as an investment … well, not the greatest idea. Week and a half later, a total of 101 sales and down to trace daily levels; still just hanging on to the charts in the Puzzle category as of this morning with yesterday’s single sale amazingly enough,


but as those rankings are on a four-day rolling average (last we heard, anyways) no doubt it’ll descend into complete obscurity in short order.

So while we’d really like add a bunch of stuff to make it more engaging, pretty darn hard to justify setting any more time aside in the near future with that complete lack of traction. Not that one should actually expect to get any without a) excellent marketing or b) being featured by Apple, mind you. So shall we whip out the credit card and start doing some marketing? Weee-eellll, we were kinda toying with that idea, then we read this thread.

Marketing: What else can I do to promote?

That particularly caught our attention as the game discussed, “180″, was actually on our phone — we caught it’s freeappcalendar.com feature day, and hey it’s icon had a cartoon redhead and trolls like redheads — and it’s a puzzle game more or less in the same headspace as BallZOut, except it’s polished to a fine sheen, and as you can see reading through that thread their marketing effort was nothing short of breathtaking. End of June, that thread was; so how’s 180 been doing since? Let us check Applyzer for it’s US rankings …

… it’s #850 paid in Games/Puzzle and off the charts in Games/Arcade their other category. So BallZOut is beating it right now? Oh, dear. Let us take that as acceptably solid evidence that a big marketing investment would be at the very least fraught with peril and more likely completely ill-advised, shall we? Which leaves us with the strategy of continually updating content and features and waiting for lightning to strike in the form of somebody at Apple deciding to feature it someplace as the most rational way forward, we’d say. Which still requires setting time aside. How shall we finance that?

Well, here’s what we’re giving that a shot with. You catch a week ago we posted about this appbackr place for wholesaling your iOS apps? Yep, this evening BallZOut went live on appbackr:


See that post for full details, but briefly how this is working is that appbackr is making 40,000 future sales available at a wholesale price of 45¢; whenever any of those get sold, we get advanced 35¢, and once they’re sold we get a further 10¢ out of the proceeds, leaving the remaining 25¢ for the wholesale purchaser’s profit and appbackr’s cut for running the marketplace. At the very least an interesting idea, yes?

And not only is it an idea interesting enough to try out just to see what happens, this kicks the whole competition thing up a notch — why yes, there is an appbackr Challenge:

Reach $1,000 dollars in sales on appbackr before November 22nd and WIN!

  • appbackr will back an additional $500 worth of your app
  • The top 5 apps (based on dollars sold on appbackr) will get a FREE iPad

Yep, now that’s really a challenge, indeed it is. Stay tuned to hear how we do with that one!