Under the Bridge

Creating An App Website

So we suppose we’d better get around to actually putting some kind of a website up at the support URL we submitted with that October Challenge project. We would just go ahead and throw a placeholder up and fix it later…

… but, as you may have noticed, that’s exactly what we did in about two hours with this site. In May 2008. And “later” has still not arrived. So let’s go to just a little more trouble today, shall we? Certainly not intending to compete with any of the app sites that make the lists in this ever lengthening collection of showcases mind you, but hopefully something that looks like at least we’re trying. Like, for instance, this app website template we linked to, back the beginning of April. Well, there’s probably been some more developments on that front, so let’s see what we can find, shall we?

First off, if we had any inclination whatsoever to do any actual work, we could go through some of the tutorials, mockups, etc. like these:

Build a Promotional iPhone App Website Wireframe in Fireworks

Design & Code a Cool iPhone App Website in HTML5

Create an iPhone App Website in Photoshop

Simple iPhone Application Website Layout in Photoshop

A dark themed iPhone app Promotion website design

Mobile App Website Template

… but naaaaah. We want something as close as we can get to just dropping in here and get back to some real work. A picture of a phone with a screenshot, a contact form for support, and well actually the absence of anything else to set up would be a plus, really. So let’s see what we can find.

First off, the above-linked AppTheme; $50(standard)/$75(developer) at UpThemes.com, or free CCSA version at developer’s site. S’all right, but it doesn’t really move us.

RawApps.com has a FREE! one here. The demo link isn’t working, but this post leads us to this fellow’s app site done with it apparently. Kinda minimal, and doesn’t seem to have a contact form.

ThemeForest.net’s $14 “fone” theme is pretty nifty looking if you’re as serious as having real e-commerce product needs … but we don’t.

Also at ThemeForest we find the $12 “my Application” HTML theme. Blandish, but covers everything nicely.

And one more from ThemeForest, the $12 “SlickApp” HTML theme. Rather similar to the last one, but we think we like its look slightly better at first glance.

WooThemes.com has the $70 “Apz” theme. Nice enough, but not overly enticing. And a trifle over-engineered for what we want right now.

ElegantThemes.com has the MyApp theme, which it looks like you only get as part of the whole collection at $39/year. Not bad, we especially like the purple variation for something a bit different.

Finally, at Templatic.com there’s the $65(single site)/$99(multiple sites) “iPhone App” theme — and why yes, we think that looks like by far the most attractive of the bunch here. The single page AJAX navigation leaving the device screen there is a nice touch too. And they appear to be marketing directly to us, no less:

Gone are the days when you had to setup every section of the site step by step in wordpress. With this theme, you simply activate the theme and voila, from iPhone Screen to titles, subtitles, widgets, testimonials, blog posts, pages and every element is set out of the box. The theme adds these dummy element for you…

Yes. Yes, we do believe that one is definitely our favorite. But perhaps you, Dear Readers, have some opinions; which of those various themes — if any! — would you pick for your app website? And if we’ve managed to miss anything attractive, please do share!


Another roundup of HTML templates at

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And this looks like a new WordPress theme:

AppifyWP – A WordPress theme for iPhone and iPad developers