Under the Bridge

Game Design TCR

And with exactly 2 hours and 30 minutes left on the clock until Lose Your App Name Day™:

The status for the following app has changed to Waiting For Review.

App Name: BallZOut

App Version Number: 1.0

Whew! And with 21 full days left in October, that should be plenty of time for a rejection cycle or two and still get it in the store in time for someone, hopefully, to buy it for us to win the October Challenge. Assuming that we have indeed achieved a minimum viable product here. The play mechanics are pretty much as simple as simple gets,


… but hey, so are Angry Birds’, and that’s done all right for itself.

So now we have to find some time to put together a website — conveniently, already registered from last year’s nugatory discussions at putting together the original “BallZOut” project — and think about maybe doing some actual marketing. So perhaps you will see some posts on that in the nearish future.

But for today, let’s just list a couple interesting posts on game design noted recently, which we’ll get around to reading after the drink or fifteen on order to celebrate this submission:

This thread on TouchArcade (h/t: @wadevondoom) started by none other than John Carmack(!!) asking for “the things that every self respecting ios app should handle correctly … we’ll make a serious effort to adhere to it in Rage and our future products.” 11 pages and counting — no doubt chock full of stuff we should have done here! Note particularly this post, for instance.

And this is a fascinating post (h/t @rwenderlich) on the history of Ngmoco and their Neil Young’s prognostications for the future!