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PoV’s October Challenge

Had you ever heard of Ludum Dare that runs accelerated game development competitions? Well, must admit, neither had we until this post today drawing our attention to The October Challenge aka PoV’s Challenge:

Make a game — take it to market — sell 1 copy (or license it, or earn $1 in ad rev)…

…Think of this as a race (or a Nanowrimo for games+business). Have something new for sale and in a store by the end of October. And if you can sell a copy (or sign a licensing deal, or earn $1 in ad revenue), you win.

Trolls do like a challenge, and whilst we’ve ported and/or programmed to specifications quite a number of games over the years including almost a handful on the iPhone, we’ve never actually made our own. And as it happens, we were actually kicking around the idea of doing something like this anyways, as we’ve got one of Those Letters From Apple here

You have not yet uploaded a binary for your app, REDACTED. Our records show that this app was created in iTunes Connect more than 90 days ago.

If you do not upload a binary for your app by 10 October 2010 (Pacific Time), it will be deleted from iTunes Connect. The app name will then be available for another developer to use…

for a game that we were considering developing with a former coworker artist quite a while ago, and we kicked around a bunch of design ideas then they disappeared off the face of the earth whilst we got consumed with developing app after app on contract; and we’d been thinking that it might be a worthwhile idea to whip something fairly trivial out that we did ourselves in the next couple weeks to keep the moderately amusing name and to explore programming for Game Center as that would no doubt be some handy experience in any event.

And this is just the little push we needed to put off starting any more big contracts for another couple weeks to do that! So here we are throwing our hat into the ring for this challenge, to make a game all ourselves and have it sell a copy in the next 33 days, 22 hours, 47 minutes, 46 seconds. Ho ho!

Now, there is one thing we won’t make ourselves though … and that’s the icon. The rest of it we can probably stumble through enough to look at least usable, but icons, ah, those take some actual talent, and hey your icon just has to look good in the store we think. We did a post mentioning some icon designers quite a while ago, but haven’t updated that in quite a while; any of you Dear Readers have recommendations for good, and hopefully cheap, icon designers for us?

UPDATE: Actually, we only got around to getting a quote from one icon designer — Kevin Andersson, seems like a nice guy and very prompt in responding, if you’re looking for one — before we ended up doing our own icon. It doesn’t suck. We think.

h/t: @Area161!