Labyrinth Soccer

Oh hey, look what we missed a couple weeks back: The latest little bauble the Trollwerks foundries clanged out for those fine Wayz fellows (no one shows you a better time in Tokyo, we guarantee it), Labyrinth Soccer, is out in the App Store!


It’s a trivial little diversion, but it’s a trivial little diversion that you can actually play between two people with one iPhone, which is something we haven’t seen as much of as you’d think. Is it just us that only really ever plays games when we’re standing in line somewhere with an iPhone-less friend?

A technical note of mild interest is how easy it was to integrate the cocos2d + Chipmunk physics game screen into a UIView-based structure — as a matter of fact, that’s a standard UINavigationBar you see at the top of the screenshot. Good job that cocos2d, and getting better all the time, yes it is!


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  1. 1 bunnyhero May 12th, 2010 at 7:46 pm

    i didn’t know that cocos2d could integrate like that with a UIKit-based app! one of the reasons i’ve avoided it was because i assumed the entire app would have to be built with cocos2d.

  2. 2 Alex May 12th, 2010 at 8:11 pm

    Yup, you can drop a single cocos2d-using view into a screen down in your navigation controller stack with no great issue whatsoever other than that you really need to clean it up completely when you destroy the owning view then reconstitute it again when you go back. So it might not be practical for large projects, but for something little like this it works out very nicely indeed.

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