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100 iPhone App Websites

Here’s a great collection of iPhone application sites to look at for design inspiration, or just to check out some nifty apps you probably haven’t heard of:

100 Wonderfully Designed iPhone App Websites

h/t: Queness!

UPDATE: OK … apparently this is more of a thing than we realized, collecting pretty iPhone websites. More for you:

40 of the Most Stunning iPhone Developer Websites

異常なほどカッコいい27のiPhone iPod touchアプリ “Website”

UPDATE 2: … and here’s another collection:

43 Amazing Iphone Application Websites

UPDATE 3: … and a couple more:

A Showcase Of Sites For iPhone Apps

iPhone App Sites #2



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  • http://www.14oranges.com S

    It is interesting that 100% of those websites violate the artwork agreement from Apple well unless I read it wrong.

    “Background color
    The Apple-provided iPhone image can be displayed only on a white background. Do not place the iPhone image on a black background or on any color or pattern. Always include the reflection at the lower edge of the iPhone image.”

    Anyway thanks for the post, now I have some ideas to help on my website.

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