Sarah Melody

Well, it’s been a while since we had news of a successful troll — rejection-free first try acceptance, w00t! — release in the App Store; so why yes, today we have one for you, the first fruits of our association with local whiz kids Appnovation Technologies. Great folks all around over there so be sure to check them out for your Drupal and Alfresco projects. Or iPhone, of course. Like today’s App Store debut, a promo piece for budding Ontarian chanteuse Sarah Melody. Sort of our apology to all you non-Canadians for that whole Celine Dion thing.


Yes, yes, it’s yet another Trollwerks product featuring cute girl pictures. You’re just sorta taking that for granted by now, aren’t you? It’s all pure coincidence, we swear. Any-ways, there’s music snippets with iTunes links, YouTube streaming video, and various social media integration, all wrapped together with full motion video sequences, working nice and smooth even on a 1G iPod touch. So if you’re at all into the bubbly pop/rock thing, or you just want to gaze in awe at our spectacular production work, grab it — hey, it’s free! — and pick up a song or seven to help demonstrate just what a great marketing tool free iPhone apps are, hmmm?


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