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Social Platform: OpenFeint

Whoops, we’re really not on top of the iPhone gaming industry that well; we just noticed that a whole whack of the cool kids have put together a social networking platform for iPhone gaming called OpenFeint. And it has a bunch of nifty features:

  • cross-promotion between participating games
  • Facebook & Twitter integration
  • cross-game lobbies
  • leaderboards
  • game chat rooms
  • privacy controls

Whew! That’s quite the list. Now, I can see a few issues here, for starters how does their per registered user cost account for the 50% to 90% or so of users that seems to be the general consensus are pirates? — but since they say it’s free to join for free games, well, we’ll certainly look into trying this out with a free game sometime!

h/t: TechCrunch!

UPDATE: So ok, there’s a variety of social platform options! Let’s line them up:

Anyone have direct experience with any of these? And are we still missing any?


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  • http://www.scoreloop.com nikwest

    Well, there is also Scoreloop for the iPhone (and other platforms).

    In addition to leader boards and facebook integration the Scoreloop SDK has the following advantages:

    – challenges, one can challenge anybody by mail, through facebook or other social networks. It’s a lot more attractive, if you can play a game against your buddies and compare yourself with others.
    – buddies, you can add buddies to Scoreloop and then you can sess what they are doing, what games they play and whom they are challenging.
    – web based community
    – avatars, skill based matching system, cross game achievements and many more

    And best of all, it’s completely free for the developer. There is no cost involved at all.

  • http://developer.agon-online.com/ Daniel

    I guess it is only fair that we also chip in on this one. :-)

    AGON Online is a complete social platform for iPhone and iPod Touch games. It is a location-aware online high score system, complete with profiles, friends, awards, cross promotion etc. Think Xbox Live on-the-go.


    Our Google Maps integration is a visually pleasing way to see the geo-tagged high scores:


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