Twas The Night Before Dubmas 2018

So with 12 hours to go as we type this before the WWDC 2018 keynote, let’s run down the various predictions floating out there, shall we?

The first interesting thing is that once you download the latest version of the WWDC app — go do that right now, if you haven’t yet — you’ll notice that the option to filter sessions by OS has gone away. Now, that could be just a random designer’s whim, we suppose… 

… but it could be a hat tip that the Marzipan rumours are completely on point, yes? Although we would be rather surprised to wake up tomorrow and find that AppKit has gone away, we wouldn’t be overly shocked. 

(Pro Tip: In the WWDC app, all those emoji-prefixed mystery sessions? Favorite them. Then, right after the keynote, you’ll have a curated list of all the revealed secrets ready to go!)

Speaking of apps, if you are in San Jose tonight, check out this stellar list of party, meet up, and alt-conference apps:

Apps That Help You Make the Most of WWDC

But back to the predictions for this year: If there is anything earth-shattering in the offing other than Marzipan, they’ve managed to keep them pretty much completely out of the rumor mill; the general consensus is that this will be an evolutionary year, at best, and thank heavens for that:

Spoiler alert: Apple’s WWDC 2018 is probably going to be boring, and that’s the way it should be


But beyond that, we don’t know much of anything regarding Tim Cook’s and Craig Federighi’s plans for the keynote. That probably means there aren’t any new products hiding up their sleeves. My guess is that the show will be relatively dull from a new-product standpoint, with the usual enhancements to iOS and macOS, some new watchOS features, and maybe a sneak peek at Apple’s upcoming video service. There won’t be a dramatic unveiling of the new Mac Pro or a new $99 HomePod mini. And forget about the ARM-powered MacBook Air we keep hearing whispers about…

Apple WWDC 2018: Why New Iphone Software Announcement Is so Mysterious

But there is another important reason that nothing might have leaked: there is very little to leak. Another story from inside Apple this year said that the company was changing its strategy to focus on improving the performance, efficiency and quality of existing features, rather than looking to institute new ones…

Chances are they’re right yes, but if they do turn out to be wrong, we’ll be the first to point and laugh.

One thing it seems we can count on being introduced is ramping up NFC support, there’s been widespread hints of that:

Apple to Expand Secure Wireless Chip Beyond Payments

And improvements to ARKit are pretty much a given:

WWDC 2018: What to expect from iOS 12, MacOS 10.14 and more

But the more recent Bloomberg report says that multiplayer AR will be featured in this year’s software — something that would lay further groundwork for the Apple AR/VR headset that the company is apparently tinkering with behind closed doors (that’s expected closer to 2020, if at all). A further report, from Reuters, cites anonymous sources and says Apple is working on a way for two iPhones to share AR data directly, so potentially private info about a user’s surroundings wouldn’t have to be stored in the cloud…

Hardware-wise, the expectations seem to range between “nothing” and “speed bumped iPad Pros”

Exclusive: Apple Plans New iPads and iOS 12 for WWDC 2018, New Marzipan Details Emerge

However, we do know for sure that macOS 10.14 will have a system Dark Mode and will very likely be called “Mojave” and that the Mac App Store is getting a makeover, and how do we know that for sure, you ask? Why, because Apple leaked it themselves:

macOS 10.14 Leak Confirms Dark Mode, Apple News App, App Store Video Previews

Just ahead of Apple’s upcoming Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), developer Steve Troughton-Smith came across a 30-second preview video on Apple’s servers that should have been hidden, but was accidentally made viewable. The video shows Xcode 10 running on macOS 10.14.

Also visible is an Apple News icon in the dock, as currently found in iOS. The presence in the video seemingly indicates that Apple is porting its Apple News app over the Mac in desktop form. In addition, it looks like Apple is enabling video previews in macOS 10.14, with a redesign of the Mac App Store so that it looks similar to the App Store as currently featured on the mobile side (iOS 11)…

Personally, we’re holding out hope that Apple’s acquisition of buddybuild and the interesting presence of the “Getting to Know Swift Package Manager” session in the schedule indicates that there’s exciting new developments to ease the pain of iOS dependency management. But that would be a forlorn hope indeed, we suspect.


Yep, that was forlorn, wasn’t it? A year of consolidation all around, mostly, but a few new interesting tidbits:

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