Way back in the day our first reaction to Live Photos was er, Apple reinvented the GIF, yay? But obvious though you’d think a simple conversion app would be, far as we’ve noticed no one got off their butts and actually did anything about it … until now!

Our magnificently esteemed (even if he is French) coworker JB Stevenard’s latest is called — just to make it totally clear —

MyLivePhoto – Convert Live Photo – GIF Frame Movie

and, y’know, you want those Live Photos as a movie or a GIF or a picked frame, this really does look like the easiest way there is to go about it. So we recommend you grab that while it’s free!

And just as a demonstration of how to use its power for EVIL … here’s your FULL SIZE LiveGIF of the morning rush hour traffic over in Ha Long Bay:

So yep, yep it works. Might want to apply a little more common sense than we did here to how you actually use its output, but if you want to have a 5 meg pageload … now it’s easy!

Alex | May 28, 2017

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