Fabric, R.I.P.

Catch the news yesterday? That was a mild surprise:

Fabric is Joining Google

Welcoming Fabric to Google

Although only mild, we grant you, because, well…

Indeed. Clearly this is great if you’ve already bought into the Firebase platform, but if you haven’t there’s a bit of thinking to do now, especially for those of us in businesses that Google actively competes with so have a smidgen of trepidation about handing over our collective user profiles and activity. Paranoid, yes yes, but hey paranoids have enemies too.

Not much out there in the way of comprehensive alternatives for your development deployments left though: for cross-platform development this Visual Studio Mobile Center thing that HockeyApp is growing up into might be interesting, but that looks like pretty much it, really.

‘Course, you could always just go all in on Testflight and let other platforms fend for themselves; it’s the easiest by far, that it’s iOS 8 or later should be no longer a problem in 2017 — if that still is a problem for you, our most sincere condolences — plus we gather that frontloading the binary approval process into the beta distribution is supposed to make the final review go noticeably quicker. That would be a quite acceptable tradeoff indeed for having to get your betas approved; does anyone have any firm statements and/or evidence that using TestFlight does actually expedite final review, or is this urban legend?

And as always, if we’ve missed the beta distribution method of your choice here, please educate us!

Alex | January 19, 2017

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