BoardingBot Beta Beneficence

Been a while since we had any app landing page tools worth noting for you Dear Readers, but here’s a new one BoardingBot that looks quite interesting indeed, it lets you sign up beta testers directly … even via Facebook Messenger no less. That a great way to get the buzz buzzing buzzingly, or what?


BoardingBot will create a site for your app, with screenshots taken from iTunes and an option for beta testers to request a TestFlight invite..

BoardingBot can answer chat messages from your Facebook fans and send them Testflight invites…

BoardingBot upcoming directory of beta apps enables you to find more beta testers. This feature is still under development – Become one of the first apps to be featured in our beta directory.

Pretty cool sounding, huh? If you’ve got an app ready for an open beta, give them a try and let us know it goes!


Alex | November 2, 2016

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