The Perfect 10

Yep, it’s that time of year again, where we all panic about getting new iOS features into our apps before ship date. Know the feeling? Thought so, yep. We’ve got a better excuse than usual this year though; this last month we’ve been settling into the electric city of Bangkok to work at Which we’d thoroughly recommend based on our experience so far; check out all the great jobs if you’re looking for an awesome gig! Any-ways, if you’re looking to get up to speed on iOS 10, here’s some great resources to put the pedal down:

iOS 10 Day by Day

This series has been a great resource for several OS versions now, and this year sure doesn’t look like a letdown so far:

Day 1 :: Messages

One of the new features was the ability for 3rd-party developers to create their own message extensions that can be used from within the Messages application… To demonstrate this exciting new extension type, we’ll take a look at a project that allows two players to play a simplified version of the popular game, Battleships,

Day 2 :: Thread Sanitizer

Xcode has shipped with a new debugging tool called the Thread Sanitizer which can help identify [threading] issues before you even notice them. We’ll create a simple application which enables us to deposit and withdraw money in $100 denominations…

Day 3 :: Xcode Source Editor Extensions

We’ll take a look at building our own extension that replaces ASCII characters with their Emoji equivalents…

Day 4 :: UIViewPropertyAnimator

To explore this new class, we’ll go through a few examples where we animate an image across the screen…

Of course, the Mother of All Tutorial Sites aka has their (6th!) annual opus proceeding nicely:

iOS 10 by Tutorials: First 6 Chapters Now Available!

Also note the iOS 10 + watchOS 2 bundle, and check out the latest tutorials/screencasts.

And one particular to finish off with; our entire career, we’ve had requests for voice dictation apps that we’ve always begged off with “Dude, that’s hard. And expensive.” Well, LOOK HOW EASY IT IS NOW:

Building a Speech-to-Text App Using Speech Framework in iOS 10

Truly, we live in the age of marvels.


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