objc.io’s Functional Programming In Swift

As you’ve probably noticed us gushing over here and there, objc.io is the highest-quality programming journal in the history of ever for us epicurean iOS-centric types; so when we noticed that the good folk over there have branched out into books,

Functional Programming in Swift

  • Thinking Functionally: Get to know the functional 
programming paradigm
  • Functional APIs: Designing functional, composable, and type-safe APIs
  • Purity: Benefits of value types and immutability
  • Purely Functional Data Structures: Use recursive enums to write simple data structures
  • Parsing & Evaluating: A functional parsing library and a simple spreadsheet app as example
  • Map, Filter, Reduce: Higher-order functions and functional manipulation of collections
  • Optionals: How Swift solves the “missing value” problem, and why that’s a good idea
  • Enums: Create your own data types with Swift’s enums for clarity and type safety
  • Generators and Sequences: Understand the machinery underlying Swift’s collection types
  • Applicative Functors and Monads: Common patterns underlying functional code

we figured the least we could do in thanks was go buy it … especially since the last time we did any real functional programming was a course so way back in the day that it used a pre-1.0 Haskell version. So y’know, a little help here to catch up on the last two and a half decades, probably in order, yes.

And our evaluation is, they’ve done an absolutely wonderful job here. If you’re not fluent in functionalese, it gets the GO BUY IT RIGHT NOW rating; and if you are, there’s still enough Swift specificities and useful code right up to the complete spreadsheet implementation mentioned above that we’re completely confident you’ll find it more than worth the read!


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