Programming for iOS 7

One thing about being off wandering while everybody else is getting up to speed on a new iOS, hey they’ve got all their writeups ready for you to read when you get back. And my my, there are quite a lot this time around!

TL;DR – Head over to chez Wenderlich and pick up iOS 7 by Tutorials. This series has been a great one-stop for not overlooking anything worth attention since iOS5, and this latest 823 page magnum opus keeps up that tradition. (Or, if you feel like freeloading, check out the free samples: UIKit Dynamics Tutorial, What’s New in Objective-C and Foundation, Text Kit Tutorial, How to Update Your App for iOS 7.)

Still here with lots of time to read? Well, good. You’ll need it!

First up, these guys are getting better every issue — most attempts along these lines peter out well before issue #5 — and October’s issue is an iOS 7 collection:

A very nice-looking series, on day 19 right now, is Introducing iOS7 Day-by-Day: all sorts of more obscure nifty tidbits from QR codes to SafariServices.

And if you’re looking for design tips, there’s plenty in that UI Design for iOS 7 collection we started back when that was new.

Other miscellaneous collections and tidbits worth checking out:

Your Essential iOS 7 Developer’s Guide

iOS 7 Source Code Examples Covering UI Kit Dynamics And More

Creating a Custom Flip View Controller Transition and An Interactive Tab Bar Controller Transition

Library Providing A UIColor Category For Easy Access To iOS 7 Colors

Lifting the lid on the iOS 7 UIPicker

A simple way to detect at runtime if we’re running in UIKit legacy mode or the new “flat” variant

And in case you missed it in our ARM64 collection, plan your device testing matrix with

Updated iOS Device Summary with iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C


Tutorial: Using iOS 7 UIKit Dynamics To Make A Pong Game (Animations, Collisions, Physics)

Tutorial: Getting Started With iOS 7′s Text Kit Framework

Handy Library Providing Easy Access To Colors And Gradients Used In iOS 7 Apps And Icons

Animated progress view with CAGradientLayer

Developing for the M7

What’s new with iOS 7 rounded rectangles

Easily Overlooked New Features in iOS 7

Synthesized Speech From Text

iOS 7 UIDynamic Source Code Examples Demonstrating Gravity, Collisions, Snapping And More

Easily Creating Dynamic Transitions On iOS With UIDynamics

UIKit Dynamics and Swift Tutorial: Tossing Views

iOS Device Summary: March 2016 Updates

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