Translation Tragedy

Oh noes! Remember that localization tool Linguan that we reviewed a while back with the delicately restrained conclusion of

buy it NOW. NOW! NOW! NOW!

Well, not enough of you listened to us, it seems:

It is with a heavy heart that today we’re announcing that we are looking for a buyer interested in acquiring our Mac localization tool Linguan … When sales didn’t make us rich as expected it turned out that there wasn’t enough income to allow for ongoing improvements…

As it stands right now Linguan produces annual sales of around 10000 Euros. This is also the minimum asking price we are hoping for. For anything less BytePoet’s CEO stated that he they wouldn’t agree to sell for but rather keep it as a reference project for their own use.

If we had a little more cash and time sitting around, we’d take them up on that. Seems there must be some translation company out there that’s foresighted enough to see the value in having a fully-toolchain-integrated submission service for Xcode developers, and would be willing to underwrite development or give you a referral percentage or something like that. But you’d also imagine Messr. Drobnik & co. wouldn’t have missed exploring that option, wouldn’t you. Well, if anyone out there is looking for a career in building development tools, we thoroughly recommend this as your first acquisition, it is unquestionably the best tool available to help you organize for an immensely valuable service!

Speaking of translation companies, once you have gotten your translation needed strings sorted out, what do you all use for a translation service? The project we’re working on now does 12 (yes, twelve) languages with Tethras who are a pretty common choice and we haven’t heard any complaints. But here’s some others who profess iOS-specific competence:


Babble-on, who have a great localization tutorial. And like the Glossary here too.

DYS Translations

ICanLocalize, also have a decent tutorial



OHT Mobile

Smooth Localize



Not overly iOS-focused options that we’ve noted positive feedback on somewhere or other:



Glyph Language Services

Other roundups:

The Apptamin Localization list

Apple’s Third Party Localization Vendors list (also note the mothership resources list)

Or, if you want to crowdsource your translating, check out


Did we miss your favourite here? Or, more importantly, any listed here that you would warn against? Let us know!


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Localization of Xcode iOS Apps, Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3 and Part 4

jeroentrappers / LocalizationPOC: “Localization proof of concept for iOS. Let’s you change the language on the fly.”

Lin: A Localization Manager for Xcode 5

TraductoPro Releases a New More Convenient Way to Submit to the App Store “Install our free plug-in to Xcode and request localisations for your strings without leaving the app you’re in.”

Yoink’s Revenue a Month After Localizing

Best iOS app localization service?

The Ultimate Guide To Mobile App Localization

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    Thanks for linking to us, Alex! :)
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    DYS Translations and Gengo are the best.
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    Thank you for linking to my blog post, I highly appreciate it!

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