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Do you subscribe to iOS Dev Weekly? If not, you should be, it’s pretty much the highest signal curated development news around; and there’s an extra special good reason to this week — the ad. No, really, the ad.

Going beyond iOS 7’s pretty face

Getting your app in front of the pack this year will take more than a facelift. Tapstream, the simple app marketing analytics company, is running a special for iOS Dev Weekly readers this week only: sign up and activate the SDK within the next 7 days and get our $99/month Pro account at no cost for life.

Marketing analytics are an excellent idea if you like to know if you’re wasting your money or what, of course. The first baby step is to tag your Linkshare affiliate links, but for people who are more serious about it, there’s a whole market segment out there such as the Developer Economics collection we linked to from that marketing omnibus of a last post. Last month a project we were working on decided AppsFlyer was the way to go, but perhaps we’d have decided different if this offer had come along then. Check them out,

Tapstream: App Marketing, Unified.

and if their $99/month plan looks to you like having free for life, hey now you know what to do!


This is a good writeup of applied Tapstream usage.

And so is How Veam Studios Increased In-App Purchases by 260%.

Deeplinking with Tapstream even works before your app is installed!

Alex | July 5, 2013
  • AppsFlyer July 10, 2013 at 4:38 am
    I think you made the smartest decision to go with AppsFlyer - as we are leading this market. But, hey I'm biased :) Some thoughts: 1. Selecting your mobile measurement partner is probably the 2nd most important decision you make, right after having a great product. 2. For companies with big marketing budgets, it is a must to be able to have a good an unbiased access to the market. AppsFlyer is now integrated with more then 200 partners including official integration with Facebook: . Check our latest mobile app discovery report: Additional considerations before you make a mobile measurement decision: Tracking accuracy (not trivial in mobile) Scalability, Server up time, Server latency, Analytics power, UX, Rich API's, Unbiased, Real time reporting, Great support, Access to all media sources, Agencies login, re-targeting, Pay Per Engagement integrations, transparency and more. $99 plan is might be good for smaller long tail companies...
  • mcelroy July 11, 2013 at 11:06 am
    AppsFlyer- great pitch! I love talking to smart people in the space. We should grab a coffee. When you get a chance email me at mack (at) tapstream (dot) com and we'll try and connect.

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