NFC for iOS: FloJack

So you really wish your iOS device was NFC enabled? And don’t feel like waiting around for Apple to bother supporting it? Well, you might want to help nudge this Kickstarter project over the top:

Screen Shot 2012-11-25 at 9.39.55 AM.jpg

As we write they’re some $4K short of their $80K goal with 34 hours to go; the Flomio website is here where you can see the team includes the dude who wrote NFC Quick Actions for Android, and you can check out their SDK at flomio / flojack-ios; so it certainly looks like they’re serious here, and it would be nice to see their project succeed … if only to cut off another talking point from those cackling “ANDR0ID FTMFW!” fandroids. Cheap at the price, really.

h/t: [mobile developer:tips];!

Alex | November 25, 2012

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