Grab Bag: Graphic Tweaks

A salmagundi of tips and techniques for refining your interface elegance today:

kgn / KGNoise (h/t ManiacDev)

I’ve been developing this noise drawing code for quite some time. It all started with drawing noise in the title bar of INAppStoreWindow. The original implementation of the noise drawing for the titlebar used CIFilter, but this took up an unusual amount of memory and also didn’t look so great. So I began my quest for the best noise drawing solution, this project contains the third version which I feel is finally ready for prime time on the Mac and iOS!

KGNoise generates random black and white pixels into a static 128×128 image that is then tiled to fill the space. The random pixels are seeded with a value that has been chosen to look the most random, this also means that the noise will look consistent between app launches…

Perform a blur using vImage from the Accelerate framework Tutorial

I went looking for some sample code on how to set up and use the vImage components of the accelerate framework a few months ago. To my chagrin, there is nothing. Googling just brings you to StackOverflow questions about how to use the framework, with no answers provided. Well, I now provide answers (at least a few)…

Deep-dive into CALayer Shadows [EDIT: Disappeared.]

A while back I had done a lot of work with CALayer shadows in iOS. Now I know there is a lot of posts on how to add one. There just is not a lot of information on how to add shadows to your application while keeping the performance hit down to a minimum. Here I will take shadows in Objective-C to the next level by showing you a few optimization techniques…

Image Anti-Aliasing in Objective-C [EDIT: Disappeared.]

Recently I had played around with a lot of object transforms in iOS and I noticed that the more you scale and rotate an image, the more it would start to show you jagged edges or pixelate. At first I thought this was an issues with the image itself but it has to do with the way that Objective-C handles image scaling and transforms. I would like to share with you a few tricks that will give you better anti-aliasing and smoother images…

nicklockwood / FXImageView (h/t ManiacDev)

FXImageView is a class designed to simplify the application of common visual effects such as reflections and drop-shadows to images. FXImageView includes sophisticated queuing and caching logic to maximise performance when rendering these effects in real time.

As a bonus, FXImageView includes a standalone UIImage category for cropping, scaling and applying effects directly to an image…

khanlou / SKBounceAnimation (h/t @romainbriche)

SKBounceAnimation is a CAKeyframeAnimation subclass that creates an animation for you based on start and end values and a number of bounces. It’s based on the math and technology in this blogpost which in turn was based partially on Matt Gallagher’s work here

khanlou / SKInnerShadowLayer

SKInnerShadowLayer takes the graphical properties of a CAGradientLayer that let you set the shadow, gradient, and border of a layer, and adds four properities that let you control the look of an inner shadow for the layer…

Something there to polish up anybody’s UI a bit; and just as we finish up here, congratulations to Felix Baumgartner on landing safely! You were all watching, weren’t you? If not, here’s your obligatory One @#(*$^!! Of A First Step™ shot:



Open Source iOS Library For Creating Modal Views That Automatically Blurs The Background

Fingertips / FTAssetRenderer – Create image assets at runtime in any color when used as mask and/or at any resolution when it’s a PDF

iOS Library For Automatically Generating A Color Scheme From An Image Like iTunes 11

MLPSpotlight – “…display a spotlight effect over a specific point on the screen in a convenient manner.”

Blur Effect in iOS Applications

Ciechan / BCGenieEffect: “An OSX style genie effect inside your iOS app.”

Open Source iOS Control Providing Keylines That Adjust Based On Device Tilt Like The Music App

Easy CGGradients

hfossli / AGGeometryKit: “Create CATransform3D with quadrilaterals, useful math functions, calculate angle between views ++”

iOS Image Processing Library Allowing You To Define Custom Image Filters Using A JSON File

Designing for iOS: Blending modes

Library Providing An Easy Way To Apply Animations To A UIView With Custom Easing Functions

Animate UIView with 25+ timing functions. (Bounce, elastic, exponential, etc.)

Tutorial: Building An Interactive 3D Scene With Core Animation Step-By-Step

Tool Allowing You To Easily Add Particle Effects To iOS Apps Using Core Animation

Easily Add Spring Animations To Your iOS Interface

Free iPhone Tool For Easily Creating Color Schemes Using Live Video Or Images

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