Got some serious low level audio processing needs? Then this probably resonates with you:

Really fast audio in iOS and Mac OS X using Audio Units is hard, and will leave you scarred and bloody.

Why, yes. Yes, it is. So you need the amusingly-named


An analgesic for high-performance audio on the iPhone, iPad and Mac OS X.

… What used to take days can now be done with just a few lines of code.

Yeah, actually, it’s more like on the order of WEEKS you’d take to get this debugged properly across iOS and OS X. Try it yourself, if you’re masochistic. But this library looks like it’s got all the important stuff down, and with a dead simple blocks based interface to boot. Which our iPhone OS 2.x-vintage version of this doesn’t, caveman days as those were. So we thoroughly recommend you check out alexbw / novocaine on github next time you have some Audio Unit-level task to perform!

h/t: @flyosity, ManiacDev!


And if you’d like a good tutorial on how this low level stuff works, check out this free book … and note the helper SDKs available from isotope !

ap4y / OrigamiEngine – “Lightweight iOS audio engine with flac, cue, mp3, m4a, m3u support.”

Alex | April 9, 2012

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