Roundup: Testing

So it’s been a while since we looked at testing strategies for your iOS projects; let’s see what’s state of the art in that area shall we?

The links we mentioned in Unit Testing Intro are still a good starting place for the basics; the fellow who wrote that one has a couple followups

Introduction to Test Driven Development (TDD) for iOS apps (Part 1)

Introduction to Test Driven Development (TDD) for iOS apps (Part 2)

For an intro to more BDD-style stuff like pivotal/cedar and allending/Kiwi, check out

Getting “Test”-y in iOS Apps: Test-Driven Development and Automated Deployment

For a comprehensive as of a while back unit/acceptance testing list, check this Stack Overflow question:

iOS Tests/Specs TDD/BDD and Integration & Acceptance Testing

square/KIF is a native Accessibility-leveraging integration testing framework.

Frank leverages Cucumber to test your iOS application.

Zucchini is a Cucumber-like framework with some nifty features.

For some specific tips on test writing for the tricky bits, check out

Network Unit Testing

HTTP Testing to the Edge on iOS: the School of Hard Mocks

Unit testing for blocks based APIs

And lastly: For a good read on the challenges of setting up a serious automated testing program, check out this series from the Corona folk, starting with —

Automated Testing on Mobile Devices for iOS and Android: Part 1: A crazy walkthrough of Xcode, Scripting Bridge, LuaCocoa, lua-TestMore, adb, shell scripts, sockets, and lots of trial & error


Bwoken – iOS UIAutomation testing in CoffeeScript

BDD style unit test tools: Specta and Expecta

glock45 / iOS-Hierarchy-Viewer for examining UI layouts

Test Studio for iOS for automated on-device tests

mikeash / Circle for finding ARC cycles

Unit Tests Don’t Bite

Shenzhen CLI for Building & Distributing iOS Apps with TestFlight

NSURLConnectionVCR provides an easy way to record and re-play NSURLConnection requests/responses.

Using Categories in Unit Tests

shepting / kiwi-mac-demo is an example of using Kiwi

Unit Testing Objective-C Using Kiwi

Objective-C Vitamins is a video that includes an introduction to Kiwi

iOS Automated Testing With Calabash, Cucumber, and Ruby

iOS test framework research: KIF, Bwoken, Frank, UIAutomation, Cedar, Kiwi, SenTest/OCUnit, OCHamcrest

CoverStory allows you to easily view the code coverage of your unit tests.

Some of my unit tests tests are not finishing in XCode 4.4

github / specta: A light-weight TDD / BDD framework for Objective-C & Cocoa

sgleadow / xcodetest: A standalone tool for running your iOS unit tests from the command line.

Appium “iis an open source test automation tool for use with native and hybrid applications.”

blazingcloud / sealant: “connects testing libraries with libraries used by code under test.”

rdavies / Specify: “An Objective-C behaviour-driven development library.”

How to Measure Code Coverage in Xcode

Unit Testing by NSHipster

Robots in the Orchard Day 14: OCUnit vs. Kiwi vs. KIF

Subliminal is a framework for integration testing

jonathanpenn/ui-auto-monkey “is a simple stress testing script for iOS applications that runs in UI Automation and Instruments.”

iOS UI Testing with KIF

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