This is a nice-looking library for unobtrusive notifications:

YRDropdownView – A Polite UIAlertView Alternative for iOS

From day one, iOS developers have been struggling to alert users about simple warnings and errors that may not interrupt the flow of the app. Popping up UIAlertViews requires the user to click a button to move along, which wasn’t quite necessary for warnings that merely limit useability. Adding a UILabel somewhere on the screen isn’t consistent and doesn’t always look great.

Maybe you just have some more information you want to inform your user about. Simply adding it to the screen is sufficient, but what if your information is added off screen? How does your user know it has appeared? TweetBot found a great solution to that. By overlaying a simple panel, with an icon, title, and message, the flow of the app is uninterrupted, yet informs the user in a concise manner.

Imitation Is The Greatest Form Of Flattery:


Project is here on github, check it out!

h/t: @romainbriche!

Also note BlockAlertsAnd-ActionSheets library for TweetBot-styled block-based alert handling!


Alex | February 11, 2012

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