Programming Book Giveaway!

So, what better way to get rolling into 2012 than learn something new from a good programming book? Why, nothing at all, that’s what. And courtesy of the great folk over at Packt Publishing, here we have four choices for you, and a dead simple way to get whichever one of them you like: just tweet the message of your choice with the link provided to the book’s page, and this weekend we’ll do a search, first tweet we find with each link wins! So without further ado, here are your choices:

#1: Cocos2d for iPhone 1 Game Development Cookbook

4002EXP_Cocos2d for iPhone Game Development Cookbook.jpg.png

Tweet this: I’d like to read this book on cocos2d!

#2: Unreal Development Kit Game Programming with UnrealScript: Beginner’s Guide

1925EXP_UDK Game Programming with UnrealScript Beginner's Guide.jpg.png

Tweet this: I’d like to read this book on UnrealScript!

#3: Android 3.0 Animations: Beginner’s Guide

5283EXP_Android 3.jpg.png

Tweet this: I’d like to read this book on Android animations!

#4: XNA 4.0 Game Development by Example: Beginner’s Guide – Visual Basic Edition

2403EXP_XNA 4.0 Game Developement by Example.jpg.png

Tweet this: I’d like to read this book on XNA4 game development!

And if you don’t so happen to be a lucky winner, fear not, you can still get your hands on any of these for a little quid pro quo, that being to post a review on your blog and Amazon and the like: just drop a line to Shaveer Irani of Packt with the subject “book name- review request copy” to join our Distinguished Fraternity Of Review Writers!

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