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So the latest add to the Wenderlich tutorial empire is a post on adding analytics to your games,

Game Analytics 101

… using yet another analytics service we hadn’t heard of before but does look interesting: Playtomic!

The Playtomic APIs drop right into your game and are so easy novice developers implement it without hassle. The APIs are available for Flash games using ActionScript 3 or ActionScript 2, for HTML5 games using JavaScript (like the awesome ImpactJS), for iPhone/iPod/iPad games using Objective C, and for web/mobile games built on Unity3d, Android games using Java or C# (Mono for Android), and C++ games…

That does sound like a pretty solid choice for the multiplatform game developer, indeed. And their SDK comes as source, which is always a nice feature too.

This looks like a good place to do a bit of a roundup of current major contenders in that analytics space, since it’s been quite a while since our last one. Quite a while indeed.

Localytics that we mentioned recently still looks like what we’d call our first choice for an iOS only app.

Flurry just seems to keep on growing and adding features.

Google Analytics seems to win friends here and there.

Apsalar looks like a definitely interesting contender:

The principle of re-engagement is what Apsalar is pinning its product offering on. It calls the environment it works in “mobile engagement management” (MEM) and is similar to what analytics company Flurry, likely Apsalar’s closest competitor, does with its analytics and AppCircle Re-Engagement tool. Localytics uses its data to help premium publishers push notifications to readers. Socialize and BeInToo have engagement layers based on social and gamification layers. To a certain extent, Apsalar is playing in all of these realms…

This Quora question lists some more you might want to look into.

And if you’re still on the “so what does this all do for me exactly?” side of things, might want to check out

Wooga: Building a Successful Social Game by Combining Metrics With Emotion

Any other of the plethora of analytic tools out there that you think compelling enough to merit in depth evaluation for an iOS project, Dear Reader? Or have any strikingly postive/negative experiences with any of these to report?


Excellent Open Source Self-Hosted iOS App Analytics Solution

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orta / ARAnalytics supports all popular libraries

Smarter iOS Metrics describes using with boctor/PBMetrics library.

Amazon Analytics Service

Google Analytics Alternatives: “If marketers are going to be using analytics tools, Mixpanel or Localytics. If developers want data to play with, Flurry.” — Matt Bridges. Others mentioned: Apsalar, Parse, Apsee, Countly.

Alex | January 13, 2012

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