Code Signing: CertificateHelper

Now here’s a handy tool to add to your bag of tricks for the New Year:

New Tool: CertificateHelper

… As I’ve had problems with Code Signing before, I decided that it’d be a lot more helpful to not have to google around the webs like crazy over and over again but instead have some app that contains the knowledge and gives proper tips.

The result is CertificateHelper, which you can find over at GitHub. Currently it only supports those problems that I was having (no certificates/no private key).

To add new Problems to the app, simply subclass CertificateProblem and implement the following methods…

Not only is that a rather useful tool just as is — why yes, yes our certificates are an utter mess:


… that’s a rather nicely done extension mechanism built in there; looks like this project would make a nice foundation for any kind of diagnostic tool you might find handy.

And in case you haven’t noticed it yet over at the mothership, if you have a harder problem than Certificate Helper knows what to do with, this is the canonical reference for all problems of the codesigny type:

Technical Note TN2250: Understanding and Resolving Code Signing Issues

Alex | December 31, 2011

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