Backend Service: Kinvey

Hmmm, looks like there’s another entry we’d missed so far in the increasingly crowded cloud backend marketplace:


Kinvey (pronounced Kin-vey, like convey) makes it ridiculously easy for developers to setup, use and maintain a cloud backend for their mobile apps.

We call it Backend as a Service…

Aside from that marketing line sounding like something more suited for the Davie Street scene, these guys do have what looks like a nice feature, hooking up with Urban Airship:

In a nutshell, this partnership will allow us to streamline the process of getting your app enabled for push notifications. Instead of dealing with multiple technology providers, APIs and libraries, and different accounts, Urban Airship’s services will allow the developer to easily integrate push notifications. So easily, in fact, that all you have to do is click a button for your app to become automatically registered with Urban Airship. Push notifications can then be triggered from Kinvey to your app…

Yeah, that’s a pretty strategic fit with a backend app support service. So you might want to give these Kinvey folk a close look when you’re checking out Parse or Stackmob or Cocoafish or whoever the flavour of the moment is by the time you read this. And as always, if you have any experiences with any of these or more options we’ve missed for your simple backend technology stack, please share!


Applicasa is another option in this space that has a rather compelling pricing structure: FREE until you hit 100,000 users!

Feel like rolling your own backend service instead? Check out

DataKit makes it easy to add web backends to your apps!

RESTful API Server – Doing it the right way

QuickBlox has location services, content hosting, push notifications, yadayadayada…

Library For Building Web Based Back End For Your iOS Apps Using Node.js And Deployd

A journey of enlightenment can be followed here:

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The New Comer – Applicasa

FatFractal – From Code to Cloud

5 Mins is the New 2 Weeks is the latest paean to FatFractal v. Parse/Stackmob/Kinvey

Helios is open source to do your own data/push/IAP/Passbook server.

StackMob Announcement: “The StackMob Platform will cease operation on Sunday May 11th, 2014.”

(See newer updates at DZone’s Definitive Guide to Cloud Providers.)

Alex | December 30, 2011

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