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Some useful yet amusing reading for you today on topics addressing cognitive overload of design, or more straightforwardly:

10 Surefire Ways to Screw Up Your iPhone App

So you want to build the next smash hit iPhone app? Extraordinary design is key to getting the attention of users and of Apple, so if an app exudes a stench of mediocrity, Apple won’t feature it and app shoppers probably won’t download it (even if they do, they won’t share it with others). The following are ten common iPhone app design and usability mistakes that can shatter hopes of success on the App Store…

Definitely worth your perusal.

On a not completely unrelated theme — you did notice in the above

… Only one problem: iPhone users don’t read manuals.

Users don’t study an app—they muddle through it. If they can’t understand it after a few minutes or seconds of muddling, they’ll probably give up and move on…

and nodded in sad agreement, yes? — check out

Top 6 Help Design Patterns for iPhone Apps

for solid advice on help design. For any mobile-sized content whatsoever, really, not just for apps.

And, in case you missed it, there’s still lots of good UI and UX resources in our Design Inspirations post a while back!

Alex | November 6, 2011

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