Got a need to display maps on a 3D globe view in your app? Here’s a library worth looking into – WhirlyGlobe:


WhirlyGlobe is a self contained 3D earth display view suitable for use in iPhone and iPad applications. The globe is rendered in OpenGL ES with a configurable multi-part texture and allows for vector data overlays. It is intended as a (relatively) lightweight widget that can be dropped in to your app to do simple data overlay and interaction with a globe. It can also do more heavy duty data interaction if you want to use it as the centerpiece for a globe based app…

Nifty! Documentation can be found here, and posts about it on this blog — currently


WhirlyGlobe 1.1

WhirlyGlobe 1.2 – What’s Coming

h/t: ManiacDev!


WhirlyGlobe Component: Announcement

mousebird/wg-resources-new: “A new, smaller version of the WhirlyGlobe-Maply resources.”

Alex | October 8, 2011

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