This looks like a pretty easy way to generate Apple-styled documentation from Markdown type comments in your code, if you have a need for doing that kind of thing:

appledoc – Objective C API documentation generator

appledoc is command line tool that helps Objective-C developers generate Apple-like source code documentation from specially formatted source code comments. It’s designed to take as readable source code comments as possible for the input and use comments as well as surrounding source code to generate visually appealing documentation in the form of HTML as well as fully indexed and browsable Xcode documentation set. Although there are several tools that can create HTML documentation for Objective-C, all of those know to me fall short in meeting the minimum of goals described in appledoc’s readme file. Check example documentation to see what you can get!

Certainly looks vastly superior to any of the tools we’ve ever used for that kind of thing; however, we haven’t had to deal with that SDK-documenting kind of task for several years now. Anything you use that you consider a superior solution to the above, Dear Readers?

h/t: @alanQuatermain!


Auto Doc: Continuous Documentation Integration with appledoc + Jenkins

Documentation in Xcode 5

The real awesome sauce on the awesome is that the compiler will verify your documentation. No, seriously:

2013-10-09: Matt Stevens points out -Wdocumentation, which is new in clang 3.2. From the Clang release notes:

… Clang parses the comments and can detect syntactic and semantic errors in comments. These warnings are off by default. Pass -Wdocumentation flag to enable warnings about documentation comments.

This will warn when the documentation’s variable names or return types don’t match the method signature.

jazzy: “A soulful way to generate docs for Swift & Objective-C.”

VVDocumenter-Xcode: “Xcode plug-in which helps you write Javadoc style documents easier.”

Documenting Your Objective-C and Swift Code in Xcode with HeaderDoc and Doxygen

Working with TODO: in Xcode

Tool: An Xcode Plugin For Generating Colorful Dependency Charts

NSHipster’s Documentation and Swift Documentation

Code Beautifier in Xcode discusses clang-format and uncrustify

Swift header documentation in Xcode 7

Erica Sadun’s Swift Documentation Markup book:

And, yes. This book does describe how to incorporate animated kitten gifs into Xcode Quick Help pop-ups.

Documenting Your Swift Code in Xcode Using Markdown [and Jazzy]

Swift documentation: Writing, generating, and publishing great docs in Swift and Part 2  [jazzy + GitHub Pages]

SwiftMarkupGen: Swift Doc Markup generator

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