Image Manipulation

Ah, remember the old days when it was actually a challenge to write image manipulation code? My, it certainly is about two orders of magnitude simpler these days:

iOS Image Manipulation with UIGestureRecognizer: scale, move, rotate

I promised to share with you my code that I used on the Twibbon iPhone app, to manipulate images using touch gestures. This solution uses UIGestureRecognizers and therefore only work in iOS 3.2 and above…

That’s pretty much not a problem these days, one imagines. Bonus, a selection indication implementation using CAShapeLayer:

You’ll notice in some of the code above making reference to a _marque, This is the marching ants you see when you have selected the photo and allows you to easily see the boundary line of the image…

Handy stuff, yep; source is on github!

Alex | June 18, 2011

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