So if you’ve been reading us for a while you may recall our gushing endorsement of CrashReportSender, and why yes it’s been working quite nicely for us, handy piece of kit indeed it is; but we see that it has apparently been superseded:

Introducing QuincyKit: a rewrite of CrashReporterDemo, live crash management for iOS and Mac – AppStore ready!

Well then. Still uses PLCrashReporter, the user UI looks about the same … hmmm, actually, there doesn’t really seem to be too much novel in the code besides a bunch of references to that HockeyKit thing, apparently they integrate now.

Still, in case you missed said gushing endorsement above, we’re quite sure that it applies just as much to this reincarnation, so go check it out on github!

Alex | April 29, 2011

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