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So we’ve mentioned examples of bad design lately, but it would be more productive to have examples of good design to refer to, wouldn’t it? Conveniently enough, sites to help you with that seem to be springing up all over these days; starting from the collection in this post, here’s some good ones:


236 app screenshot examples in 32 categories as we write, from “Activity” to “Wooden Shelves”.

Mobile UI Patterns

Similar idea to pttrns, app screenshots collected into categories.


Breaks out iPhone and iPad app, game, website inspirations.

So those sites all look worth keeping track of. Moving on to specific articles on design, check out

7 Hot Trends in Mobile App Design

How To Create Great Looking iOS Apps Even If You Are A Design Noob

The 3 Ingredients of Successful iPhone Apps

How UX Can Drive Sales in Mobile Apps

As always, Dear Reader, if there’s anything you think should be added, let us know!

h/t: @globalmoxie, @Dylan_Beadle, @joe_carney, @chockenberry, @renderplace, and everyone else we forgot!


Couple more design showcases: TapFancy™

And more screenshots: LovelyUI – a collection of mobile UI elements

Mac Apps That Rock

“Steal Good Stuff” – iOS Design Pattern Collections

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Alex | March 12, 2011

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