Some more light amusement today: No doubt you’ve heard about the rather poorly received UI enhancement to the latest Twitter client, yes? Well, that “dickbar” meme started by John Gruber just seems to be running away with itself.

So that’s a mild chuckle there. But some people — namely, @digdog — took it to the next level, an implementation on github:

UIDickBar, An Awful Idea

We’ll just copy the feedback quotes there, these are great:

  • “Never laughed so hard at a GitHub page.” – @jordanekay
  • “UIDickBar is f-ing awesome!” – @lynkynpark86
  • “Awesome – you too can now easily drive your users mad/to other apps with no effort at all.” – @mdales
  • “This whole #dickbar thing is getting out of hand! (love the screenshots!)” – @lieven
  • “Want to kill your iOS app ? Here is UIDickbar.” – @romac17
  • “I’m laughing my ass of xD” – @smarag
  • “We really need one indeed, and then you can stick a UIDickBar anywhere in your app as easily as you would put a Share button.” – @damiendeville
  • “For the luvapete, don’t ever use this.” – @objectivec
  • “The best screenshot on Github.” – @stevestreza

Even more we like the features list:

  1. Look like real #dickbar.
  2. No fancy animations.
  3. Support rotation.
  4. Support Blocks.
  5. Use UIDickBar to get tons of one star reviews, priceless.

And as we write this, it’s the #1 trending repos on github.com, no less. Now that’s an instant classic!

Alex | March 7, 2011

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