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So today we had a little trifle to knock off that features reading a blog feed and a Twitter feed … from accounts written to in Japanese. So rather than repurpose some of the XML parsing code we’ve used before for that kind of thing, especially since said code was written in an, ah, expedient fashion that required some knowledge of the feed’s contents, figured we’d look around a bit and see what we could find in a dedicated and reusable feed parser. And why yes, yes here is a very nice one indeed:

MWFeedParser — An RSS and Atom web feed parser for iOS

MWFeedParser is an Objective-C framework for downloading and parsing RSS (1. and 2.) and Atom web feeds. It is a very simple and clean implementation that reads the following information from a web feed:

Feed Information

  • Title
  • Link
  • Summary

Feed Items

  • Title
  • Link
  • Date (the date the item was published)
  • Updated date (the date the item was updated, if available)
  • Summary (brief description of item)
  • Content (detailed item content, if available)
  • Enclosures (i.e. podcasts, mp3, pdf, etc)
  • Identifier (an item’s guid/id)

Nicely done bit of work it is too. Very easy to integrate indeed, compiles cleanly, helpful example source for displaying feed and items, handles — as far as we can tell — Japanese text in both a Feedburner blog feed and a Twitter feed with perfect aplomb. Highly recommended as a start for your RSS parsing needs.

And hey, if you’d like more of a walkthrough on how to go about constructing your project, or rather than using the standard SDK networking and XML parsing classes you’d prefer something that uses ASIHTTPRequest and GDataXML, of course Ray Wenderlich has a tutorial for that!

How To Make A Simple RSS Reader iPhone App Tutorial

Alex | February 10, 2011

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