ELCSlider: UISlider + UIPopover

Well, this is certainly convenient: Tomorrow’s first to-do is adding a UIPopover to a UISlider in our latest project, and look what’s out there to help with that:

Adding a UIPopover to UISlider

…Today we are going to focus on the scroll bar at the bottom of a book that a user can utilize to skip to any given page within the book. This control involves a customized UISlider and a UIPopoverView that drags along with the slider as the value changes…

It’s so nice of people to work on our tasks and publish their code just in time for us to use it, isn’t it now? Should you have that same task in your near future as well, ELCSlider can be found on github … and if you don’t see any updates here tomorrow, you’ll know it works exactly as advertised!

Alex | November 16, 2010

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