OpenGL ES Stuff

Jeff Lamarche has started a repository for OpenGL ES goodies:

I’ve created a new public project on GitHub for classes, scripts, and projects related to OpenGL ES programming on the iPhone. I’ll be slowly consolidating all of my OpenGL ES code snippets, utilities, and sample projects except for the particle generator (which has its own repository) into this location.

Right now, all it has is:

Blender export script for Objective-C for Blender 2.49a

Blender export script for Objective-C for Blender 2.5+

My old OpenGL ES Xcode project template for OpenGL ES 1.1

A fairly simple OpenGL ES 1.1 Xcode project

A fairly simple OpenGL ES 2.0 xcode project

A few OpenGL ES-related categories and classes

My old Wavefront OBJ file loader

Speaking of which, have we ever mentioned his excellent tutorial series on same? Hmmm, nope, looks like we missed that…

OpenGL ES from the Ground Up: Table of Contents

Something there for everyone, no doubt.

Bonus tip: If you haven’t printed out the OpenGL ES 2.0 Reference Card — it’s handy!


Alex | October 25, 2010

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