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Historically options for natural language search functionality on iOS have been not precisely trivial to implement, but here’s something in beta you’ll probably want to look at if that’s something you have a need for: Locayta Search Mobile!

… The challenge for any content publisher therefore, is how to support their users in finding the content that they are looking for.

Locayta Search Mobile solves this problem by providing highly accurate and relevant search results, enabling users to find exactly what they’re looking for. Locayta Search Mobile is one of the most advanced search engines on the market. A Beta version of the software is now available for the iOS platform…

Yes, yes. And what makes it “advanced”?

The search engine provides full text search using a probabilistic model of document terms, along with clever features to improve search success such as automatic spell correction (based on trigram analysis of terms) and word stemming.

OK, that sounds “advanced” yes; more details here on what’s in now and what’s promised for later.

And no doubt your immediate reaction is “So how much?” and that is in the FAQ:

The Software is free of charge to use for development and testing only during the Beta programme. Thereafter, you will need to acquire a Software Distribution Licence, which is free of charge for non-commercial use or $1,000 one-time charge per published iOS application for commercial use applications.

So hey, if you’re doing some pro bono work, there you go then; otherwise, well, if you really REALLY need super-duper search, $1000 is almost certainly a good deal. Assuming it works, of course. Don’t have the spare time to check it out ourselves in the near future, but if you do, sign up here for the beta and let us know how you get on!

h/t: @Dr_Touch!

Alex | August 29, 2010

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