Library: geo-location-javascript

Here’s a library of interest to our web-developing friends; geo-location-javascript, which wraps a number of different device’s GPS capabilities into a JavaScript API that is “aligned” to the W3 Geolocation API specification:

Usage Scenario

The framework provides two key methods, it determines if the handset has client side geo location capabilities and one method to retrieve the location (of course only after a request for permission). So a mobile web site that provides location based services can first determine if the client has client side geo capabilites and ask him to assist him in finding his location. If no geo capabilities are given or they are disabled the site can fallback on a manual location input method and use a geodata database/service to map the input to a pair of latitude/longitude coordinates.

Supported platforms

  • iPhone OS 3.x
  • Browsers with Google Gears support (Android, Windows Mobile)
  • Blackberry Devices (8820, 9000,…)
  • Nokia Web Run-Time (Nokia N97,…)
  • webOS Application Platform (Palm Pre)
  • Torch Mobile Iris Browse
  • Mozilla Geode

A comprehensive — nay, well-nigh exhaustive — list of platforms indeed!

As a side note, if you’re unfortunate enough to be stuck on a Windows platform and would like to have an iPhone (and Pre, and …) emulator to test out your webpages, there’s this MobiOne thing which looks like it could be useful for you, check it out.

h/t: iPhoneWebDev!

Alex | August 2, 2009

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