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So you’ve probably heard that App Store inventory is still said to be growing like Topsy and even faster all the time it seems. But what’s out there to provide us some independent checks on the “more than 65,000 apps” PR fluff? Let’s take a look around!

First up, there’s, which as we write says “58,819 active apps listed”. They also have an interesting stats page which provides historical graphs of application count, average price, and total cost of all applications. That page counts 58,577 apps; perhaps that’s because the stats page is updated daily and the front page more often?

Then there’s, “Guiding You to the Best of 62,734 iPhone & iPod Touch Apps”. No obvious explanation of where they’re finding 3,915 apps more than Yappler is.

Moving over to, they break the count into “Total Apps Approved: 63,263; Total Available Apps: 59,095”. There certainly does seem to be a surprising level of imprecision in these various counts, doesn’t there?

To throw in some more WAG numbers, let’s check with MobClix, which claims 51,958 paid and 15,233 free; hey that’s 67,191; finally we’ve found found one that agrees with the press release that there’s more than 65,000!

And over at there’s some nifty metrics not seen elsewhere about submission count and approval delay and so forth; but sticking to our current inquiry, their count is 58,807 active apps of a total 63,013 seen. They do specify “in the US App Store”. We also note that they count 15,409 active publishers, which is a long way off from the “more than 100,000 developers in the iPhone Developer Program” that the press release mentions. Interesting, that.

That seems to be a reasonably comprehensive list of the application tracking sites — my, there are a lot of them these days aren’t there? — that provide overall App Store metrics somewhere obvious; but if there’s any particularly good ones we missed, please let us know!

Alex | July 17, 2009
  • Oli January 12, 2011 at 8:03 pm
    i was wondering if anyone has a list that breaks down number of apps by publisher, I am surious which publisher has the most apps on the store. cheers!
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