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[EDIT: Discontinued.]

Here’s another open source project for the iPhone that may catch your interest: the available-on-the-App-Store Bickboxx is open sourced on github:

Our vision with Bickboxx is to build a community of developers for source code sharing, discussion about building iPhone applications, and resource sharing.

When you go to build your first iPhone app or your 100th…you have a great resource to start with Bickboxx.

We’ll be adding more and more features to Bickboxx and committing them to the repository…

We’ll also be posting more tutorials about how we added these features to So feel free to kick back, grab a fork (pun intended) and contribute some great open source code!

My, they’re bright-eyed fellows over there, aren’t they? Always amusing, er we mean inspiring, to see such sparkly enthusiasm, indeed.

Alex | June 8, 2009

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