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So there seems to have developed a general consensus in the iPhone development community that if you’re planning to develop a sprite-based game, the cocos2d-iphone framework that we mentioned waaaaaay back when and a bit later on is the way to go. So since we’re planning on doing exactly that, here’s a roundup of resources for your cocos2d development! is the official center for all things cocos2d. is the original Linux/Mac/Windows library using Python instead of Objective-C

And more good stuff found around the web includes

Whitepaper: Introduction to Cocos2d iPhone from the experiences of the authors creating touchDefense with it.

Cocos2d: Bouncing Ball Example is a walkthrough of creating a scripted animation.

Gorillas is another open sourced cocos2d game.

Cocos2d Iphone Dynamically Touch Detection has some advice on implementing touchable sprites.

An introduction to game physics with Chipmunk gives you an excellent tutorial on the physics engine that comes with cocos2d.

If you like videos, here’s a Hello World app creation walkthrough.

And there’s various project templates in the above links, but here’s another on github. And even yet another on Google Code.

… and finally, here is a bit of amusement for you. Remember when we posted that 3D engine roundup, and said “we’re definitely going to follow his experiences with the engines of choice!” Well, here’s your followup: he ended up using cocos2d with the Box2d engine port!

Over Easter I decided to drop a dimension in my iPhone project to go from a 3D evolution game simulator to 2D… It was obvious that cocos2d had already solved the problem of a simple game engine, and then some.

I was decided. The rapid progress I was able to affect in 2D with both chipmunk and box2d as well as the ready-to-exploit and well documented cocos2d game engine convinced me…

Well, with an endorsement like that, we know we’re on the right track here, yes?

Alex | May 16, 2009
  • Mike July 2, 2009 at 8:01 pm
    Hey nice post
  • Nick Vellios June 5, 2010 at 4:24 pm
    Hey great list! I just integrated a new iPhone development area on my site and will be posting code snippets, tutorials, and examples. Cocos2D support will be added shortly! -- Nick Vellios iPhone Development Resource
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