Code: CocoaWebResource

Here’s a possibly handy piece of code for you: Feel like making your iPhone into a web server? Or, more sensibly, sharing files on it via http? Well, here’s a little project called CocoaWebResource that sorts that out nicely!

Until now, Apple does not provide a solution for file transferring for iPhone and iPod Touch. CocoaWebResource is a lightweight http service to handle file resources for iPhone and iPod Touch. With CocoaWebResource, you can start a http server on iPhone and use a web browser to upload, download and delete files for iPhone and iPod Touch. No special client is required.

This project is based on cocoahttpserver by Deusty Designs and uses RegexKitLite by John Engelhart.

Hmmmm – mmmm – mmmm … there’s some interesting ideas that come to mind with location-aware web serving. Must think on this one further!

Alex | December 24, 2008

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