Code: OLBTwitpicEngine

Today we draw your attention to a piece of code that demonstrates uploading images from the iPhone, specifically to this thing called “Twitter” that it seems all the kids are excited about these days. It’s called OLBTwitpicEngine, and here’s how it’s described:

Today we’re releasing source code for uploading and publishing UIImages from the iPhone to Twitter, via the TwitPic web service.

OLBTwitpicEngine is a simple class that takes care of it all, including uploading the image on a separate thread to keep the UI responsive. It also posts back a message to the delegate on success, including a link to the post. The OLBTwitpicEngine class was originally developed for use in our Light Table iPhone app.

Personally, we kinda figure that this whole “Twitter” thing is very appropriately named, if you know what we mean and we think you do, but hey, if it’s your bag, there you are. And if not, hey, uploading via a web service is a handy piece of code to check out in any event!

Alex | December 20, 2008

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