QuickConnect: JavaScript native apps

Now here’s something a little different: QuickConnect iPhone is a scheme to let Web programmers write kinda-sorta native iPhone apps using JavaScript!

The theory behind QuickConnect is simple enough: you take your Web app, drop it into a UIWebView shell, and hey presto, a native-ish app. Not completely dissimilar to Adobe AIR. Actually, pretty much the same thing, since they both are based on WebKit! However, this development process is much easier: 

The QuickConnect iPhone framework is designed to make iPhone hybrid applications easy to create and yet use as little processing power and memory as possible. The framework is distributed as Xcode and Dashcode projects that you can drop into each of those applications. When you do they become available in the gallery of project types.

These two new project types allow you to create and test your application from within Dashcode and then move it into Xcode, compile it, run it, and install it directly onto your device. No internet connection is then required to use your application.

Well hey, if you’ve got mad web ski11z but are put off by that whole Objective-C thing, or if you want to leverage your Web-tech interface across multiple platforms, looks like this might be right up your alley. The project is on SourceForge and the blog covering its development is here, check it out!

Alex | August 7, 2008

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