It’s been a long journey from 2007 for the iOS devices, and it's been a glorious one. It would be an understatement to say that the world was changed for the better, with the advent of iPhones. Though they weren’t many features back then, the iOS was way ahead of other operating systems.
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Even today, the iPhone is leading the Global Smartphone market as more people opt for iOS devices. This success is only because there are so many pioneers in this field. I have started this site, Alex Curylo or Trollwerks.inc as a way to allow people and other programmers and designers to update themselves on the latest happenings in the Apple world. If you are looking for any job listings chances are you might find them right here.

I am one of the many many iOS and macOS developers in this field. I am also a recipient of many Apple Design awards like the ‘Best Technology Adoption Apple Design Award’ (2000) and in the same year I also won the ‘Most Innovative Apple Design Award’. Before we discuss let's look back at the history of iOS development. The Alex Curylo Blog is just a way for me to share some of my thought, that’s all.

A Little iOS Nostalgia Trip

The iOS 1 was a simple OS that mainly concentrated on things like security and a better user experience. It was able to hold its own because of these features, which was its main selling point.

It didn't have a bunch of features like the Windows or Blackberry OS did, but that didn’t matter to most because it provided the best user experience. This related back to the founders of Apple and their adherence to building a platform that is laymen-friendly. If you think about it now, it's hard to accept the fact that there was no multitasking, copy, cut, or paste options. Despite all that people loved it for whatever few good features it had, like the Safari browser, iPod integration, and iTunes sync.

Then in 2008, the developers added the SDK(Software Development Kit) in iOS. This changed everything by giving users the options to develop apps and download them from the App store.

Similarly, each year they added some amazing features like voice control, multitasking, notification center, and the famous AI Siri. Along with the iOS software, the size of the iPhone was also increased. Later in the iOS 6 update, Apple was free from the Google Maps by introducing its own version of maps integrated with Siri.

Now in 2021, you have some advanced trends and developments in iOS. The current running iOS version is the iOS 14 which offers App clips, SwiftUI, an updated WidgetKit, Machine Learning, and many more. To get more info on this, check this Apple developer site.

What is iOS Development, and What Do You Need To Be One?

iOS's development is basically working on iOS to improve its features, security, and remove bugs if there are any. Doing all this requires you to know certain languages that are used in its core programming, which are Swift and Objective-C.

These are the core programming languages that you require for iOS development. You need to have a good working knowledge of these languages if you were to get into iOS development. Swift is a little easier to learn than Objective-C, even for a newbie.

Other than the programming languages, you also need to have a Mac computer and Xcode in it. Xcode is an IDE(Integrated Development Environment) that is required to create apps. If you still don’t understand what an IDE is, it’s a workspace where you type long codes to create apps.

Along with the above two requirements, you also need to have an active Apple Developer account. The Apple Developer account is what allows you to upload your created apps in the App store.

Now to learn iOS development you need help. This is actually pretty easy as there are so many blogs and sites that provide you such detailed information. Remember me, Alex Curylo? The person writing this very post. I have various blogs that have detailed explanations of steps involved in iOS development. You can follow me for more info on almost every social media platform available.

The best choice would be to learn from someone who is actively involved in the work and is willing to pass my knowledge onto others because learning something technical is easier when you have someone to guide you. If I may suggest some blogs, at the top of the list would be my own blog account, Alex Curylo, I am a Bangkok-based iOS developer and blogger.

Alex Curylo, “The Developer”

As stated earlier, I, Alex Curylo am an accomplished iOS and macOS developer with vast experience in finishing more than 100 original projects in iOS/macOS/OS X/ macOS development. All this project was accomplished by my own software industry called Trollwerks Inc.

This site is also a testament to my portfolio. If you look through this site, the Alex Curylo website you will see that I have also worked as a Development Lead, Team Lead, and Chief Technical Officer in various organizations. I have work experience as a Senior iOS Engineer.

As I have mentioned several times here, I also maintain a blog called Alex curylo.com where I post stuff about my work and share various Github codes on different iOS models. “Alex Curylo” the site also has access to upcoming trends and news from the world of iOS development, which can be useful if you wish to stay updated regarding any news on iOS.

Most of my blogging is on programming, though I often share some tools, tips, and tricks for iOS and macOS devices. If you are interested in machine learning algorithms like the basic train, test, split method in sklearn, check out my blogs on it.

Not just that there are many more machine learning models like the K-Nearest Neighbor, training a Neural network, and many more. Also, you can find some recommended ML courses from different programmers.

After checking my blog, you will learn that mastering the iOS/macOS platform also a time-consuming task, learning and improving yourself is easier to do than it is held up to be.

If you are an aspiring student in the field of coding then you need to check out my article on GSOC, which is the Google Summer of Code. It is a test held internationally in which you need to complete a software project given by Google to earn a stipend and a highly valuable certificate.

Alex Curylo, “The Traveler”

Alex Curylo’s list of accomplishments is not just limited to the field of coding, but I am also an avid traveler. Other than my love for coding, I also love to travel a lot. I have visited every UNESCO world heritage site and blogs about it in Medium.

His blogs on Medium are mostly about traveling where I share and explain my experiences visiting a place, and some of Alex Curylo’s articles also provide information on how to get the best experience out of visiting a particular location.

There’s also information on various exotic locations to visit, and how you can get there with a constrained budget. You should check out some of my articles like “A Guide to Choosing a Safari Tour”, “Exciting Ways to Get Around Sydney”.

For a more contrasting topic, check the “Submissions Open: Fred’s Blog 2020 Authors Showcase” or the “Travel In Place: Living Up Lockdown”. You can check my other articles using this Medium link.

Travelling isn’t just a hobby for me, It's a passion of mine. To prove that I have two credentials in my name, which are the 2018 & 2017 #travel1k Top 1000 Travel Blogger badge. This badge isn’t given just for traveling, but it is for those who also help others achieve their travel goals by providing them information and tips through blogs or social media.

Some world heritage sites that I visited are Ilulissat Icefjord in Greenland, the Pre-Hispanic City of Teotihuacan in Mexico, Tikal National Park in Guatemala, and Cocos Island National Park in Costa Rica.

You should check out my Twitter and other social media handles for more updates.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a budding traveler or an iOS developer, follow Alex Curylo for information on the latest trends in the world of iOS or just “the world”. You can learn many things from this Alex Curylo blog and achieve your goals. My passion for both traveling and coding is further proof that anyone can achieve his or her dreams and manage his passion with a stable professional life.